$14-$25 per hour

Paula Antunes

Speaks English, Portuguese
7500 hours 12 students
Portuguese Language
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Olá! Tudo bem? Eu chamo-me Paula. I’m a Portuguese teacher, born and raised in Lisbon. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Portuguese Language & Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in Portuguese Language & Literature, both from Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. At the same time, I have professional training as an actress, one of my other passions. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, and I love to teach Portuguese as a foreigner or a second language. I also write theatre plays, poems, and all kinds of texts that come up to my mind. Being creative and communicative are very important in my life. I’m used to multicultural environments, and one of my favorite hobbies is traveling around the world to discover different cultures and places.
In our first lesson, I will ask you what your goals are and your current language knowledge level in Portuguese. The purpose of this is to establish a learning plan. Each student has his own language goals, therefore each lesson will be adapted for you, meaning I will bring content to our classes related to your life, work, studies, and hobbies. I really want you to feel that you can apply what you have learned in your lesson for real everyday Portuguese. I am qualified to work on pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. I understand the importance of basic everyday conversation and will always start lessons talking about daily routines while using grammar and vocabulary that you already have learned. I believe in transparency, which is why you will always be involved and aware of how classes are conducted.
I appreciate student effort and seek to understand your motivation for learning, whether for vacation purposes, work, or daily living in Portugal with family and friends. I will strive to give you the best and most enjoyable classes you can have. On day one, I will be very focused on you, what you want to reach, and what kind of student you want to be. I will include any and all information you give me and will center my classes around that. To better understand how you are developing, it’s essential to provide you with regular feedback and, if need be, change the strategy, to better improve our classes’ efficacy. I’m very flexible, careful, and creative. So if I see that something doesn’t work with you, I will change my strategy. But every student needs to understand that there can be no cake without eggs, so to learn, you must be willing to learn the basics to achieve long term language acquisition. But I don’t want you to worry as I promise to be with you for every step of your Portuguese adventure.

1 Reviews

Nada Amin

May 19, 2021

I had so much fun learning with Paula! Paula was a great instructor and always came prepared and eager to teach.