$14-$25 per hour

Giel Cox

Speaks English, German,
10 hours 2 students
Dutch Language

About me

My name is Giel Cox, and I’m a Dutchy to the core. In my free time I’m playing table tennis, studying and working as a part-time model. I’m well-traveled and have been exposed to many different cultures, languages, and customs. The hardest part I found about moving around was the language barrier as it was a constant cycle of ‘trial and error’ to communicate with the locals. In that time, I learned how to succeed in communication by identifying the language core fundamentals, a secret I would be glad to share with my students!
At first glance, the Dutch language seems very difficult, both in grammar and pronunciation. As not to scare you, I will take you through the basics first, leveling you up step by step. Much like a house, a good foundation is a crucial element to build upon. Dutch is linguistically the closest language to the world’s most common language, English, making it easier to understand and remember much of the words, spelling, and pronunciation. That said, I will always work diligently to be patient with you no matter what your mother language is and will match whatever learning pace meets your needs. The most important thing I strive to bring to each lesson is a constant awareness of your learning goals and always making your growth as a language student my primary objective.
Before teaching, I like to understand my students’ motivations and desires to learn the target language. I always strive to create a comfortable setting for my lessons and be attentive to your learning needs. After each class, my ultimate goal is to get you more and more familiar with the glory that is the DUTCH language!