$14-$25 per hour

Ahmad ElKhodary

Speaks English
3750 hours 17 students
Egyptian Arabic
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About me

I’m Ahmad from Egypt. I’m 23 years old, and I’m an Arabic teacher. I studied mass communications, and I majored in journalism. In my free time, I like to spend my time listening to audiobooks, watching movies, playing and listening to music, and yeah, doing nothing at all!
In these digital times, I believe that online classes should now focus on speaking (output). This is because students can find ample resources online (input). Nevertheless, I like to use a coursebook as a guide for our classes and to give us an outline to follow. See you in class!
I’ve been teaching Arabic for more than three years with a focus on Egyptian Arabic. I have also been creating Egyptian Arabic ‘Masri’ videos and materials. I have a TESOL certificate from Arizona State University (I also taught English for two years).

1 Reviews

Tarek Kareem

January 14, 2021

Ahmed is friendly, polite and always creates a comfortable learning atmosphere. I cant recommend him enough!