1. An Aging Population
Japan’s elderly are amongst the highest ratios in the world for a given country. With 28% of its population aged 65 years or older. More than 70,000 people are over 100 years old, which is proving to be a big problem for the economy.

2. KFC for Christmas
There is undoubtedly a portion of the population that celebrate Christmas traditionally but for the other half that doesn’t, its dinner at KFC. An estimated 3.6 million Japanese people head to their local KFC on Christmas eve. If you plan on going to KFC for Christmas, be ready to stand in line if you don’t book a table in advance!


3. Adult Diaper Overload
As I mentioned above, the aging population is a huge problem which is evident that adult diapers are sold more than regular baby diapers.

4. Unlucky Number 4
The next time you are in Japan, look out to see if the number 4 is missing in public spaces. The word for 4 (‘shi’) sounds very similar to the Japanese word for death. As a result, items will be sold in sets of three or five, and some buildings will even be missing a fourth floor all together!

5. Floating Trains
Would you believe me if I told you Japan has a train that floats? No? How about if it floated using magnets. Japan has trains that hover above the surface using magnetism; these trains can reach 550km/h (311 mph).