1. Meaning of the word “Geisha”
Geisha translates to “person of the arts.” The first Geisha were men beginning around 1730. It was only about 20 years later that women began in the industry..

2. School students are also the cleaners
In Japan, the students are given a time slot each day to clean the school. Which includes but is not limited to bathrooms and trash duty.

3. An unconditional love for vending machines
The Japanese love the convenience of a vending machine which is evident by the fact that they have over 4 million nationwide. That’s one vending machine for every 31 people. Vending machines don’t just carry coke and Pepsi cans; they can have everything from batteries to sake to umbrellas. The sky is the limit.

4. The ingredients of Sake
Rice. Sake is brewed from specially cultivated rice that is different from regular rice as well as water, koji, and yeast.

5. Horse meat is a part of their cuisine
The popular regional dish known as “Basashi” consists of raw horse meat slices with onions and ginger.