1. Roughly 1,500 earthquakes hit Japan every year
Japan is located under three tectonic plates called the “Pacific Rings of Fire”, the source of all the earthquakes.

2. Very few gun deaths
Japan averages two gun-related homicides per year, making it one of the safest countries on earth if you don’t count natural disasters.


3. Japan has the third-largest economy in the world
It’s not hard to believe, given all the video games and automobiles like Honda and Toyota are from Japan. Interestingly, they did go through a bubble economy period from 1986 to 1991, the negative effects of which are still felt to this day!

4. Non-existent Japanese immigration policy
For whatever reason, there are almost no foreigners as the population is roughly 98.1% ethnic Japanese.

5. There is an underground recluse society of men
The population of (mostly)men known as the Hikikomori live in the rooms of their parents’ homes. Totally withdrawn from society, they live in a sort of self-imposed exile.