1. More Foreigners than Locals
Recent studies have shown that 88% of residents living in the UAE are expats. Only after 20 years do expatriates qualify for citizenship. Most foreigners in Dubai are construction workers hailing from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

2. Marriage is a Must
If you are considering taking your girlfriend on holiday to Dubai, then think again as it is illegal to share a hotel room with anyone who is not your spouse.


3. No Taxes
Dubai is a tax-free haven. If you plan to move to Dubai, you are in luck as there is no income tax on money generated within the country. There is also no sales tax on most goods and services.

4. Cranes are Everywhere
Dubai is under constant construction; as a result of this, a quarter of the world’s cranes are located there.

5. Robot Camel Racing
You may be familiar with horse racing, but how about camel racing? In the UAE, camel racing is a popular pastime, with robots now replacing human riders!