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ITTS was founded on the premise that quality in service comes first and foremost, and that your satisfaction as a student is our primary concern. Our ethos includes looking at students holistically in order to elongate and maintain their desire to learn. All of our teachers have been trained to provide customized lesson plans based on the learning preferences of the student.

The four values of International Teaching & Tutoring Services (ITTS)

We seek to discern how you like to learn and why that is by understanding your motivations and concerns regarding the target language. Our four values are consistent with how we help students learn proficiently.

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We create lesson plans according to your learning preferences.
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We guarantee that your data, as well as payment information, is always safe.
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Fully digital

All our lessons are provided from the comfort of your device.
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We provide extensive lessons at prices for all levels of learning.

Our Success Stories

ITTS has helped many people with different languages and the IELTS course. Read below what these people think of us.

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