About Kareem Ragheb

Kareem Ragheb is the founder of the International Teaching and Tutoring Services (ITTS) with an MA in Applied Linguistics from University College London (UCL).

Before ITTS, Ragheb was a certified English language teacher teaching all levels of English, grammar, reading, writing, and phonetics in countries around the world. To date, he has pursued opportunities that have granted him experiences that continue to shape him from earning a pilot permit to working in several African countries as a business development manager and brand manager for an African NGO.

Through these experiences, he has developed a consistent ability to connect and nurture relationships with many groups of people. However, it wasn’t until he pursued his CELTA certification that he became truly passionate about teaching.

He considers himself a citizen of the world and has spent the majority of his life traveling and studying in different countries around the globe. His passion for travel is rivaled only by his desire to connect with people and evoke what can be learned from both sides of the table.

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